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Hours of service (Arizona time)
9 AM - Noon; 1:30 PM - 5 PM
How to get your shirt for free!
Would you like to get a shirt for free? Here’s how. 
  1. Buy a shirt from EvangelWear. 
  2. Put the shirt on. 
  3. Record a video of yourself talking about one of the following topics: 
    1. How to tell the “two thieves” story in an evangelism conversation 
    2. How the shirt led to or helped you in an actual evangelistic conversation 
    3. Why others should wear evangelistic shirts 
  4. Mention evangelwear.com in the video 
  5. Upload the video to YouTube 
  6. Send me the link. 
Once I receive and verify your video, I will refund your complete payment, including shipping. There is normally a limit of one free shirt per person. However, if you create the best video about any of the three topics, you will win a second free shirt (perhaps for a friend or family member?).

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